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Innovation from Necessity

Our story is typical of American inventiveness.  A rash of home break-ins was wreaking havoc at one of our Homeowner Association clients. They asked us to help with the problem of burglars kicking in the front doors in their neighborhood.  It seemed like a simple problem that must have a simple solution. But we looked and were surprised to find how clunky, complicated and expensive the options were.

This is when our intrepid inventor-entrepreneur-owner Kelly McDonald put his mind to action and dreamed up Securastrike.  After much testing and test models we finally hit on a simple device that uses a very cool scientific formula called Shear Force.  And Securastrike was born.

Huge Force Resistance

Much like a picture hook hangar, the Securastrike is a very small device that resists huge forces just by how it is created.  This patented device has been battering ram tested and its miraculous power has proven to be the best, most cost-effective, least intrusive device to attach to your door to stop a door kick-in.

Made in America

We are proud to be American made and owned  located in Sunny Florida.  Customer Service is the cornerstone of our business and relationships are the key to our returning customers. Both commercial and residential clients have found Securastrike a must have Lockset Reinforcement System.

We want to answer your questions

Just call or email us and we will get back to you asap.  We’re happy to answer any questions and serve you in whichever way we can.

Stop Door Kick-Ins with SecuraStrike